Peer-reviewed journal articles

(Forthcoming) `Forcing and the Universe of Sets: Must we lose insight?’. Forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophical Logic. Journal. PhilSci-Archive.
(Forthcoming) Barton, Neil `Absence Perception and the Philosophy of Zero’. Forthcoming in Synthese. Journal. PhilSci-Archive.
(2019) Barton, Neil; Caicedo, Andrés Eduardo; Fuchs, Gunter; Hamkins, Joel David; Reitz, Jonas; and Schindler, Ralf `Inner-model reflection principles’. Forthcoming in Studia Logica. Journal.  arXiv.
(2017) Barton, Neil and Friedman, Sy-David `Maximality and Ontology: how axiom context varies across philosophical frameworks’. Forthcoming in Synthese. Journal. PhilSci-Archive.
(2017) Barton, Neil `Independence and Ignorance: How agnotology informs set-theoretic pluralism’. Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 399–413. Journal. PhilSci-Archive.
(2016) Barton, Neil `Richness and Reflection’. Philosophia Mathematica, 24 (3):330-359. Journal. PhilSci-Archive.

Peer-reviewed book chapters

(Forthcoming) Barton, Neil and Friedman, Sy-David `Set Theory and Structures’. Forthcoming in Reflections on the foundations of mathematics: univalent foundations, set theory, and general thoughts, Springer. Book. PhilSci-Archive.
(2016) Barton, Neil `Multiversism and Concepts of Set: How much Relativism is acceptable?’. In Francesca Boccuni & Andrea Sereni (eds.), Objectivity, Realism, and Proof. Springer. pp. 189-209. Book. PhilSci-Archive. YouTube.

Invited/Book Reviews

(2015) Barton, Neil `Review: Pluralism in Mathematics: A New Position in Philosophy of Mathematics. By Michèle Friend. Logic, Epistemology and the Unity of Science, Springer, 2014.’ Philosophy, 90(4), pp. 685-691. Journal.
(Forthcoming) Barton, Neil `Review: Categories for the Working Philosopher (Elaine Landry)’Forthcoming in Philosophia Mathematica. Journal. Preprint.

Under review/In preparation

(Submitted papers with a semi-stable draft can be accessed through the PhilSci-Archive or arXiv. Please e-mail if you would like to request a draft of an as yet unsubmitted paper.)
`Structural Relativity and Informal Rigour’. Submitted. Preprint.
`Large Cardinals and the Iterative Conception of Set’. Submitted. PhilSci-Archive.
 (with Claudio Ternullo and Giorgio Venturi) `On forms of justification in set theory’. Submitted. PhilSci-Archive.
(with Carolin Antos and Sy-David Friedman) `Universism and extensions of V’. Submitted. arXiv.
`Modality, mathematics, and time: A recurring flaw in modal arguments’.
`Algebraic Levels in Mathematical Structuralism’.
`Mathematical Gettier Cases’.


(2016) Executing Gödel’s Programme in Set Theory. PhD Thesis, Birkbeck College (University of London). Final version.
(Unpublished) How to write a good philosophy paper (a short guide for beginning philosophy students). Paper.