Peer-reviewed journal articles

(Forthcoming) Barton, Neil; Müller, Moritz; and Prunescu, Mihai `On Representations of Intended Structures in Foundational Theories’, Journal of Philosophical Logic, to appear. PhilPapers.
(2021) Antos, Carolin; Barton, Neil; and Friedman, Sy-David, `Universism and Extensions of V’, The Review of Symbolic Logic , Vol. 14(1), pp. 112–154. Journal. PhilPapers.
(2020) `Forcing and the Universe of Sets: Must we lose insight?’ Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 49, pp. 575–612. Journal. PhilPapers.
(2020) Barton, Neil `Absence Perception and the Philosophy of Zero’ Synthese, Vol. 197, pp. 3823–3850. Journal. PhilPapers.
(2020) Barton, Neil; Ternullo Claudio; and Venturi, Giorgio `On Forms of Justification in Set Theory’, The Australasian Journal of Logic. Vol. 17(4), pp. 158–200. Journal. PhilPapers.
(2020) Barton, Neil and Friedman, Sy-David `Maximality and Ontology: how axiom context varies across philosophical frameworks’. Synthese, Vol. 197, pp. 623–649. Journal. PhilPapers.
(2020) Barton, Neil; Caicedo, Andrés Eduardo; Fuchs, Gunter; Hamkins, Joel David; Reitz, Jonas; and Schindler, Ralf `Inner-model reflection principles’ Studia Logica, Vol. 108, pp. 573–595,. Journal. PhilPapersarXiv.
(2017) Barton, Neil `Independence and Ignorance: How agnotology informs set-theoretic pluralism’. Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp. 399–413. Journal. PhilPapers.
(2016) Barton, Neil `Richness and Reflection’. Philosophia Mathematica, 24 (3):330-359. Journal. PhilPapers.

Peer-reviewed book chapters

(Forthcoming) Barton, Neil `Indeterminateness and `The’ Universe of Sets: Multiversism, Potentialism, and Pluralism’, to appear in Ali Sadegh Daghighi, Melvin Fitting, Dov Gabbay, Massoud Pourmahdian & Adrian Rezus (eds.), Research Trends in Contemporary Logic (Series: Landscapes in Logic). College Publications. PhilPapers.
(Forthcoming) Barton, Neil `Structural Relativity and Informal Rigour’. In: Objects, Structures, and Logics, FilMat Studies in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Boston Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science. PhilPapers.
(2019) Barton, Neil and Friedman, Sy-David `Set Theory and Structures’.  In: Centrone S., Kant D., Sarikaya D. (eds) Reflections on the Foundations of Mathematics. Synthese Library (Studies in Epistemology, Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science), pp. 223–253 vol 407. Springer, Cham. Book. PhilPapers.
(2016) Barton, Neil `Multiversism and Concepts of Set: How much Relativism is acceptable?’. In Francesca Boccuni & Andrea Sereni (eds.), Objectivity, Realism, and Proof. Springer. pp. 189-209. Book. PhilPapers. YouTube.

Invited/Book Reviews

(2020) Barton, Neil `Review: Categories for the Working Philosopher (Elaine Landry)’ Philosophia Mathematica, Volume 28, Issue 1, February 2020, Pages 95–108, Journal. PhilPapers.
(2015) Barton, Neil `Review: Pluralism in Mathematics: A New Position in Philosophy of Mathematics. By Michèle Friend. Logic, Epistemology and the Unity of Science, Springer, 2014.’ Philosophy, 90(4), pp. 685-691. Journal. PhilPapers.

Under review/In preparation

(Submitted papers with a semi-stable draft can be accessed through the relevant preprint archive. Please e-mail if you would like to request a draft of an as yet unsubmitted paper.)
`Are Large Cardinal Axioms Restrictive?’ PhilPapers.
`Varieties of Class-Theoretic Potentialism’ (with Kameryn Williams) PhilPapers. arXiv.
`Countabilism and Maximality Principles’ (with Sy-David Friedman) PhilPapers.
`Mathematical Gettier Cases’`


(2020) Antos, C., Barton, N., Friedman, S. et al.`Introduction’ to Synthese special issue on the Foundations of Mathematics. Synthese 197, 469–475.  Journal.
(2016) Executing Gödel’s Programme in Set Theory. PhD Thesis, Birkbeck College (University of London). Final version.
(Unpublished) `Large Cardinals and the Iterative Conception of Set’. This paper has been superseded by `Are Large Cardinal Axioms Restrictive?’ and `Countabilism and Maximality Principles’. Since it was cited whilst under review, I have kept it available here: PhilSci-Archive.
(Unpublished) How to write a good philosophy paper (a short guide for beginning philosophy students). Paper.